Find your next employee – Help Wanted

What’s the first thing you do when you need to hire someone?

You might see if word of mouth can get you a few applicants, but if that doesn’t do the trick, you probably say, “Let’s put an ad in the paper.”

So, who is looking at the newspaper help wanted section?

It’s people who are either unemployed already or that are really “fed up” with their current employer.  And a lot of those people who used to look at the newspaper for jobs are now doing it online.

I’m going to offer a better solution. Moose FM &

The reasons:

  • Statistics say that about 60% of people would consider making a switch for the right “offer”. (But most of those aren’t actively looking yet. Moose FM & can reach those people.)
  • Moose FM & gives you the chance to really tailor your ad in a manner that lets people know exactly who you’re looking for, and exactly who you’re NOT looking for.
  • Since you’d rather hire someone who already has a job (you know they’re “employable”), radio reaches those people already working, but not actively looking.
  • A good Help Wanted radio ad can help shine a light on your company in a manner that a Print ad cannot. You’re using the spoken word. You’re adding EMOTION to your ad.

And one of the most overlooked reasons is that friends and family members of your “target” can hear/see the ad, too! Especially spouses. They hear or see an ad, and then tell their spouse about your company. (We see as much as 50% of Radio/Web Help Wanted success comes from friends or family telling someone about your opportunity).

These are people that definitely wouldn’t be looking in the newspaper OR online to find a job for someone else.

Before you automatically buy an ad in the newspaper, I’d like you to consider Moose FM & Give me a call and we can talk about it. I’ve got a lot of experience in Help Wanted radio ad writing… which has resulted in attracting better applicants for local businesses that are tired of “so-so” or non-existent results.

Adam Reaburn – Sales Manager Moose FM/

Phone: 250-787-7100 or email: