Dawson Creek House Theft

The Dawson Creek RCMP is still looking for a female suspect involved, in an attempted weekend residential theft in that city.

Police say late Sunday afternoon an unidentified man noticed activity in the home of his relatives, whom he knew were out of town.


Accompanied by members of his family he surprised thieves, who then threw two kit bags, containing subsequently recovered property, out a rear window.

Two women, who tried to get away through the same window, were immediately apprehended by the man.

However he let them go, when a male suspect followed them and, he held him until police, called by a family member,

arrived at the scene.

37 year old Darcy Campbell Baxter, of no fixed address, was arrested and, faces a charge of break and entry.

Yesterday morning one female suspect was arrested at a Dawson Creek motel and, police say she will face similar charges in connection with the incident.