Gas Prices Update

The common posted price of gasoline in Fort St. John has broken through another ceiling, on route to another record high.

It is up four cents a liter, to a dollar 42, point nine cents and, has pushed through the ceiling of a dollar and forty cents, for the first time ever.


In addition the Esso outlet, at 100th street and 93rd avenue, has now moved nine tenths of a cent past, a dollar and forty-five a liter.

However, even that no longer equals the highest survey price in B.C.

The honor now belongs to Victoria, which has registered a ten point three cent hike this past week to a dollar 46 point nine.

Vancouver with a 9.9 cent increase is close behind at a dollar 43 point nine and, Labrador City has reached a dollar 50 point five.

These numbers are all coming from the new national survey posted today by Calgary based MJ Ervin and Associates, which carries a 6.2 cent hike.

It puts the national average at a dollar 37 point two, another all-time high.