Population Growth

B-C’s strong economy seems to be behind another population increase in the province. The year over year hike through the first quarter of 2008 is 1.5 percent, second only to 1.8 percent, in Alberta and Saskatchewan. In fact three western provinces are the only ones posting increases, above the national average, of 1.1 percent In BC net international migration remains the main contributor to the growth, totalling more than 10 thousand people. By comparison inter-provincial migration showed a net increase, of less than two thousand. Put another way eighty-five per cent of net migrants are coming to B-C from other nations and, only 15 per cent from other provinces. There were also nearly 10 thousand 500 births recorded in the province, during the first three months of the year. However, the death toll was over 85 hundred and, that’s the largest number of recorded deaths in the post war era.