115 Road Blockade Could Still Happen

The blockade hasn’t started yet, but there’s still a good chance of a blockade on the 115 Road. Business owners and community members of the Blueberry River First Nation are still in a dispute with Alberta-based Tusk Energy. The Blueberry group set a deadline of yesterday or else it would start a blockade.

Representatives from Tusk Energy did meet that deadline and responded to the group. However, the group is still threatening the blockade as it is not going to accept promises; it wants action.


The group is concerned that it is not a part of Tusk Energy’s development on its territorial land. The major concern comes from promises to hire Blueberry Community members, but there have been no firm commitments.

The group has now issued another deadline of tomorrow. If no firm commitments from Tusk Energy are forthcoming, it will begin a blockade of the 115 Road and any traffic associated with Tusk Energy.