BC Train Derailment


A Canadian Pacific freight train has derailed in B.C.’s Fraser Canyon, knocking 16 cars off the track. The derailment is close to the area where crews are battling a wildfire on Jackass Mountain… CPR spokesman Mike LoVecchio adds the two matters are not connected and the fire is not causing any problems for cleanup crews. However, he’s confirmed one of the derailed cars was sent tumbling into the Thompson River, near Lytton, 250 kilometres northeast of Vancouver. He adds the car in the river is carrying glycol, a bio-degradable chemical, found in anti-freeze and also used in the manufacture of explosives. However, the double-walled tanker does not appear to be leaking. He says another derailed car is lying on the river bank but the other 14 are upright, albeit off the tracks. A rock slide is blamed for the incident, which occurred at about 7 o’clock last night.