Cancer Society wans to ban Teens from Tanning

The Canadian Cancer Society wants teenagers banned from tanning salons.

Sprays, lotions and natural sunlight would be the only options for those under 18 to get that golden glow if such a ban is put in place.


A spokeswoman for the Canadian Cancer Society in B-C and the Yukon says tanning causes significant damage to the skin and increases the risk of skin cancer.

Sharon Storoschuk says preventing teens from using tanning equipment would be a natural progression from existing laws banning youth from other harmful products, like cigarettes and alcohol.

The Canadian Cancer Society is leading the push, but it is not alone.

The Vancouver Island Health Authority and the World Health Organization strongly support the ban.

But some in the business say legislation is unnecessary.

The owner of one salon in Dawson Creek, B-C says the industry is very conscious about customer health.