New Comment Policy on

Since we launched to Fort St. John, we’ve been overwhelmedby the success of this site. Over 25,000 people have visited us since we launched, and that number grows every day.


As part of our growth, more and more of you have been commenting on news stories. It has become necessary for us to implement a comment policy. It’s pretty straightforward:

Let’s try and keep things as positive as possible. A few simple rules: no foul language. Also, stay clear of libelous statements. What does that mean? Don’t say something about someone that hasn’t been proved to be true. For example, don’t say that Johnny is a drug dealer, because you THINK he is… you can only say it if he has been proven to be a drug dealer. If you have proof that Johnny is a drug dealer, you should phone the police and tell them, so they can prove that Johnny is a drug dealer, THEN, you can comment and say that Johnny IS a drug dealer.

We want to hear your opinions on this site. What do you think about the story? If you could, how would you change things about the story?

If your comments don’t follow these guidelines, your comment won’t be approved by our site moderators. Thanks for posting – we value your comments and participation on the site.

There we have it. Simple enough. Have a comment about our new comment policy? Let us know below 🙂

– Admins