Twister Survival

Funnel clouds spotted earlier this month in the Alberta Peace have sparked some survival advice from Environment Canada. It says when the when a green or purple cloud appears, head for the basement, not the outdoors.

When you get in the basement, stay away from windows and put as many walls as possible between you and the outdoors.


Among the myths Environment Canada warns against is the one that you can outrun a twister in your vehicle.

Meteorogist Brian Proctor says, when the Edmonton area was hit with the 1987 tornado, many people who tried to outrun it drove right into it, not being able to accurately tell from which direction it was coming.

He says another myth is that you’ll see a tornado in time enough to take cover. He says instead of scanning the horizon for a "funnel" cloud, look for black, then green or purple ones and then, hit the deck.

Heavy rains and hail can also be indicators, as tornados usually form at the back of large thunderstorms.