City Building Numbers

City Building Numbers – Aug.07/08

The value of construction in Fort St. John continues to run, about 10 million dollars ahead of last year’s pace.


38 permits were issued in July, worth six million three hundred thousand dollars.

That raised the year-to-date totals, to 182 permits valued at nearly 55 million 300 thousand.

That’s one permit less than the seven month total last year, but it was valued at less than 45 million 600 thousand.

However, again we note things would be much different had it not been for the Enerplex permit, issued in March.

It is responsible for more than 23 million, of this year’s total value.

As for city revenue from the permits, it increased by slightly more than 20 thousand dollars in July.

Thus, the seven month total is now over 135 and half thousand.