Results from the Peace Country Open


Napa Auto Parts Event

1st Travis Eggers (overall tournament champion)
2nd Rich Hosker
3rd/4th Brody Lockhart & Shando Goddard
5th Lou Legault
6th Brad Supernault

1st Flight of Napa Auto Parts Event

1st Jeremy Clothier
2nd Joe Schultz
3rd Dwayne Speager


Matchplay Event

1st Flight



1st John Ross
2nd Larry London
3rd Tom Moran

2nd Flight

1st Charlie Bouchard
2nd Gene Danyluk
3rd Gerry Hiebert

3rd Flight

1st Mike Hamre
2nd Andre Larmand
3rd Justin McKinnon

4th Flight


1st Leo Bittner
2nd Stefan Brandman
3rd Vic Krupka

5th Flight

1st Mike Weir
2nd Dave Buziak
3rd Phil Bernet

6th Flight

1st Ryan Curry
2nd Brian Gentles
3rd Al Young

7th Flight

1st Joey Hicks
2nd Radu Stan
3rd Ian Titley

8th Flight

1st Robert MacPhail
2nd Francis Andal
3rd Rudy Daquette

9th Flight

1st Dave Middleton
2nd Morris Phillips
3rd Dan Chizen