Ten Digit Dialing


Mandatory ten digit dialing is now less than two weeks away, in BC and Alberta.

Following the pemissive dialing perid introduced in June, it will be fully implemented, between September 8th and 12th.

The change results from the growing demand for phone numbers and, to address it the telecommunications industry is adding two new areas codes.

There are now 7-7-8 numbers in BC’S current 250 area code region and, 5-8-7 numbers right across Alberta.

However, all three-digit numbers including 9-1-1 emergency service will remain the same and, do not require the inclusion of an area code.

The industry is encouraged by the fact that as of last week, 96 percent of local phone calls in the affected areas were made using ten digits.

However, phone customers are again being reminded that if they haven’t yet re-programmed all their phone equipment, now is the time to do it.