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Fort St. John

Big Gas Price Drop


Gasoline prices in Fort St. John remain among the highest in the country and, more than 20 cents a liter higher, than the new national average.

Although the local price fell eight cents a liter last week, that’s was only half, of the drop in the latest national survey average.

According to the cross country monitor of Calgary based MJ Ervin and Associates, the average price dropped 16 point three cents a liter last week and, was down to a dollar 21 point five cents.

The survey price for Fort St. John is a dollar 42 point four, which is two and half cents off the common posted price, of a dollar 44 point nine.

Of the 60 cities on the survey only Yellowknife and Labrador City have a higher price than Fort St. John and, those three centres are the only ones, over a dollar and forty cents a liter.

Here in BC, the survey’s six city average is a dollar 33 point three and, the other five cities all have a price at least ten cents a liter less, than the one quoted for Fort St. John.