New phase of Highway 97 construction already underway

Photo: Construction has already begun on the Alaska Highway between the 271 Road and Charlie Lake – Adam Reaburn/

Preparations are already underway for twinning the final stretch of the Alaska Highway out to Charlie Lake. The project has an estimated completion date of September 2009, but Project Manager George Lomas says the contractor, Belvedere Place Development, has decided to try and get an early start on things. Before the pavement can be laid, approximately 1 metre of soil and organic matter must be dug away and replaced with a gravel mixture. The company is hoping to complete that process in the next month, before the ground freezes for the winter. The company also hopes to get utilities moved, including power poles and gas lines, before the winter sets in. Belvedere expects to start construction next year as soon as the ground has thawed, so expect traffic delays this summer.