2 Days until we head to the Polls

Canadians cast their ballots in just two days — and the main party leaders are hitting the campaign trail, with the political rhetoric heating up.

The Conservatives are trying to fend off a surge by the Bloc in Quebec, where Prime Minister Stephen Harper continues stumping today.


This morning he’s been touting the government’s economic record, saying Canada is in better shape than the U-S.

In Toronto this morning, Liberal Leader Stephane Dion said we need to make this great country of ours richer, fairer and greener for ourselves and our children.

He said the world wants Canada to tackle the great challenges as a great country — and that’s only possible with a progressive government that is a Liberal government.

N-D-P Leader Jack Layton is campaigning in cities and towns devastated by Ontario’s manufacturing crisis.

In Windsor today, he said an N-D-P government would negotiate fair trade deals and implement a “Buy Canadian” program.

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