Carole James responds to Premier's Economic Plan

B.C.’s Opposition New Democratic Party Leader Carole James says she would spend $2.4 billion over the next three years to fight tough economic times.

James used a televised address Monday evening to tell British Columbians she has a five-point plan get through the worldwide economic crisis.


She promises to eliminate the government’s carbon tax, help the homeless, post-secondary students, low wage earners and communities ravaged by the downturn in the forest industry. James also forecast budget surpluses over the three years.

Last week, Premier Gordon Campbell delivered a live televised statement where he outlined his three-year $485 million, 10-point plan that includes accelerated income tax cuts, ferry fare rate reductions for two months and small business tax cuts.

He also recalled the legislature for a fall sitting on Nov. 20 to implement his economic initiatives.

Two byelections in urban Vancouver ridings are set for Wednesday and a provincial election is scheduled for May.