Charges restored against FSJ stepfather


Canada’s Supreme Court has restored charges against a man who had sex with his underage stepdaughter in Fort St. John thirty years ago.

The Globe and Mail reports that the Supreme Court ruled unanimously to restore the three charges of sexual assault, which had previously been overturned by the BC Court of Appeal.

The charges were overturned after judges in the Appeal court questioned the reasoning given by the original trial judge when rendering his verdict.

However, yesterday Supreme Court judges determined that the judge in the original trial had indeed provided sufficient reason for finding the man guilty.

The case stems from a complaint from the stepdaughter of the man, identified only as C.J. The woman testified that her stepfather had committed 11 acts of sexual assault against her when she was between the ages of 9 and 17. In 1980, the woman gave birth to a child fathered by her stepfather.

The stepfather, identified only as R.E.M. to protect the anonymity of the woman involved, testified that his relationship with her was consensual and began to be sexual only after the girl turned 15.