Jay Hill's reaction to cabinet shuffle

Local MP Jay Hill has weighed in on today’s federal cabinet shuffle, and his promotion to Government House Leader. Hill says the portfolio change didn’t didn’t come as a complete surprise. [asset|aid=532|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=afeb7e996449c1015c01df057dce85f1-Jay-I.Knew_1_Pub.mp3] The leader of the government in the house of commons is an important position, as he is largely responsible for devising strategies for winning key common’s votes in a minority government. But, Hill says he’s up to the challenge. [asset|aid=533|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=afeb7e996449c1015c01df057dce85f1-Jay-I’m.Ready_1_Pub.mp3] Hill says the priority for his government heading into the next session of parliament, which will begin on November 18th, will clearly be the economy. Hill also says his being the house leader will be beneficial for this riding, as it gives him daily access to the Prime Minister, and the other cabinet ministers. But, he says priorities for this riding parallel those in other ridings, as the global economic crisis is doing particular damage to the Forestry and Agricultural sectors, just as all levels of government look to tighten their belts.