Political, financial cautions regarding Fort St. John's new hospital

BC’s Health Minister is warning that an NDP government could halt Public Private Partnerships, including the new Fort St. John Hospital.

The statement comes in light of BC Federation of Labour Jim Sinclair’s call for a moratorium on Public Private Partnerships, also known as P3s, during an interview with Global news last night.


Speaking today, George Abbott called Carole James’ NDP “the political arm of the BC Federation on Labour,” citing the NDP’s lack of support for other P3 developments at the Vancouver General and Abbotsford Hospitals.

Meanwhile, an article in the Vancouver Sun today warns that a global credit crisis may jeopardize P3 partnerships that are currently still in development, including the Fort St. John Hospital.

There are fears regarding both the availability and security of funding from private banks after some banks involved in P3s here in BC had to be rescued through multimillion dollar bailouts.