Protests Continue over Site C

Photo: Site C Protestors gather outside the Uptown Grill – Garet Hindman/


Protestors continued to voice their concerns with Site C and BC Hydro’s Consultations.

Approximately 30 protestors walked around Fort St. John protesting the proposed dam. The protestors interrupted Monday’s round of Phase 2 Consultations at the Quality Inn. They even broke into song to show their disapproval for the project.

The protestors also tried to disrupt MLA Richard Neufeld’s dinner by protesting outside the Uptown Grill Monday night. However, a spokesperson for the MLA said that Neufeld was not even at the Uptown Grill that night.

Phase 2 Consultations on Site C will continue until November 30th, 2008. For more information visit or

Photo: Protestors broke into song during Monday’s round 2 consultations – Adam Reaburn/