The Province Gives FSJ $20,000

The Province has given the City of Fort St. John two infrastructure Planning Grants worth $20,000.

The two planning grants go to support the following:


* Corporate Infrastructure Energy and Emission Study ($10,000) to review electricity and natural gas records for buildings and infrastructure for the past three years, as well as fuel records for the City’s vehicle and
equipment fleet for the same time period. This will provide the City the information necessary to examine its operations and determine where investments should be made to reduce energy use and GHG emissions. These results will be used to develop an implementation plan and identify future opportunities for partnerships and in-depth studies of specific components.

* Water System Energy Study ($10,000) to better understand how each component of the water system, from source to wastewater treatment and discharge, uses energy. Building on previous work, the City will
analyze their water system to determine where electrical efficiencies can be gained.

The planning grants are among a series of funding initiatives available to local governments in British Columbia to help improve community infrastructure. Other programs include Towns for Tomorrow, LocalMotion and BC Spirit Squares and the new Building Canada fund.