Update: Firefighters rescue 3 from sewer


The Fort St. John fire department has confirmed helping three people find their way out of the local sewer system last night.

At around 9:30 last night, the department received a call that someone may have climbed into the sewers at 93rd Avenue and 100th St.

Firefighters suited up in breathing gear soon entered the system, and began a search.

After travelling about half a block underground, they were able to locate three men, who were reportedly lost, and trying to find their way out.
Fire Chief Fred Burrows says he doesn’t know why the men went under in the first place.


Firefighters led these men to safety, where they were treated and released by BC ambulance personnel, and questioned by police.

Chief Burrows says the individuals in question probably had no idea now much danger they were in.



The Fort St. John fire department reminds residents never to enter storm drains, as the confined spaces below are oxygen deficient, and not safe for travel.