FSJ and FN get grants from BC Government

Two local governments will benefit from a total of almost $113,000 in provincial grants in lieu of property taxes from the Province.

The municipalities receiving funding include:
*    Fort St. John – $84,975.06
*    Fort Nelson – $27,971.38


Grants-in-lieu of property taxes are distributed as a way to compensate municipalities for services that benefited government properties. In the past, it was the practice that one level of government did not tax the
property of another level of government. However, beginning in the 1960s, the Province began to recognize its responsibility to compensate municipalities for local services that benefited these properties, such as roads, sewers, and fire protection.

The annual grants are based on the assessed value of provincially owned office buildings and other properties in each municipality. They are paid through Accommodation and Real Estate Services (ARES), a division of the Ministry of Labour and Citizens’ Services.

Each municipality sends a portion of its grant-in-lieu to its regional district, and those local governments use the money to help pay for local services.