Highway 29 South slumping again

Photo:  This photo from June 13, 2005 shows the damage done during the last side – Submitted Cariboo Road Services


It appears that Highway 29 South, which runs between Chetwynd and Tumbler Ridge, has begun to sink.

Chetwynd Mayor Evan Saugstad said today that he has received reports that the road has begun to move and crack, prompting transportation officials to place a number of pile ons across the highway, marking the cracks and slumps on the road surface.

The area of concern is approximately 5km south of the Sukunka Road turnoff, and this isn’t the first time this section of the highway has experienced these sorts of problems. Approximately 3 years ago, a massive slump on the same area of Highway 29 caused it to be closed for more than a month. The ministry chose to rebuild the road over top of the sunken road, which is why the road is again sliding, according to Mayor Saugstad. He now wants the ministry to take immediate action to prevent the road from becoming completely unuseable. [asset|aid=616|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=79744d0a2e4894521e3e5bb7c0832d35-Saugstad – roadway_1_Pub.mp3]

Saugstad fears that if another major slump occurs, the road will be either completely or partially closed until repairs can be made, creating a hazard on already dangerous winter roadways, or forcing truckers to drive to Dawson in order to trek goods between Chetwynd and Tumbler Ridge.