More on Saturdays FSJ Election

Virtually everyone ready to voice a prediction, including both candidates, thought Saturday’s mayoralty race in Fort St. John would be close.

When the ballots were finally cast and counted, the unofficial totals proved they were right, as challenger Bruce Lantz, with 1,498 votes, beat incumbent Jim Eglinski, who recieved 1,342. Their post-election night comments then reflected what had been a hard and sometimes, bitterly fought, campaign… The outgoing mayor was asked if he could pinpoint one issue, which he believed was the key to his defeat…


[asset|aid=631|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=54038600641c9d7f46924dbf3f9e57a9-Jim-2_1_Pub.mp3] Mayor-elect Lantz meantime, was ready to hold out an olive branch… [asset|aid=632|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=54038600641c9d7f46924dbf3f9e57a9-bruce-2_1_Pub.mp3] The unofficial voter turn-out of 23 % was again very disappointing but, not surprising to a least one re-elected councilor. This is local historin, Larry Evans, who again topped the council poll, with 18,39 votes…

[asset|aid=633|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=54038600641c9d7f46924dbf3f9e57a9-Larry_1_Pub.mp3] Four of the other five council seats also went to incumbents…Bruce Christensen, Dan Davies, Lori Ackerman and Don Irvin. However, realtor Trevor Bolin received enough votes to finish fifth, between councilors Ackerman and Irwin, ending the fourth term bid of the out-going councils, longest serving member, Karen Simpson.