Monday, November 11, 2019

Oil & Gas Investment and Land Rights Sale

BC’s Energy Minister was in Calgary yesterday talking about what his government is doing to attract investment, to the natural-gas rich region, that includes his Peace River North Constitutency.
Speaking to the media following his formal presentation to a pipeline industry forum, Richard Neufeld said his government, unlike Alberta’s, doesn’t intend to change its royalty structure.
He said northeastern B-C, has attracted a lot of industry attention and investment dollars lately, because of its vast fields rich in natural gas.
He also told his audience, his government has introduced several programs to attract even more investment, including incentives to companies that drill wells between April and November rather than in the traditional winter drilling season.
Meantime, the November sale of oil and gas rights in Northeastern BC was held yesterday and, you can add more than 114 million dollars in bonus bids to the year’s already record fiscal year total..

It is now over 2.2 billion dollars, with about 50 percent of it coming from the July and August sales.

With the December 10th sale still to come Mr. Neufeld is already calling it, “A banner year for BC.”

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