Province to fund four new schoolbuses for SD60

Some students in SD60 will soon be arriving at school in an environmentally-friendly style.

The district will receive nearly half a million dollars in funding from the provincial government to purchase four new “clean-diesel” school buses, MLA Richard Neufeld announced in a release today.


The buses will include two 84-passenger buses, one 72-passenger bus, and one 54-passenger bus. The new vehicles will produce 90 per cent less particulate emissions compared to the 1994 standard, and they’ll also have 30 to 60 per cent better mileage than buses that run on gasoline.

The project is part of a provincially-funded $10.4 million investment that will provide 86 of the new clean-burning buses to school districts across the province.

BC has also initiated 3 biodiesel schoolbus pilot projects in the south.