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RCMP & ICBC Launch Intersection Campaign


The RCMP is partnering with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) and other police agencies in BC in launching the Intersections Campaign.

The campaign was launched in Fort St. John at one of our highest impact corners 93rd ave and 100th street.  The Campaign intends to increase public awareness of the consequences of dangerous driving behaviours at or near intersections while police agencies work together to reduce intersection crashes, which will save lives and reduce injuries. 

The campaign will run through the month of November during which police will increase enforcement at high-crash locations in communities across the Province.  The following information is courtesy of the RCMP.

Take a look at the four videos below for the types of behaviours that enforcement agencies are trying to combat:

Video #1 – Driver disobeying a traffic control device

The Porsche SUV in the video enters the intersection on a red light as the green left turn arrow begins flashing for north-facing traffic on Willingdon Avenue in Burnaby. 

Video #2 – After the Traffic Light Turned Yellow
In this video, count the number of cars that are in the intersection after the light turns yellow in this second clip.

Six vehicles are in the intersection after the light turned yellow. The drivers of those vehicles are fortunate to have avoided a crash, especially the Nissan Versa. The Nissan actually entered the intersection after the light had turned red and just missed the Chevette waiting to make its left-hand turn.

Video #3 – Vehicle Enters an Intersection on a Red Light

Several cars are in the intersection waiting to turn left when the light turns yellow and then red. The Acura enters the intersection on the red light to make its left turn onto Boundary Road, narrowly missing the truck that started to make its left turn onto Lougheed Highway.

Video #4 – Common Dangerous Behaviours that Can Lead to Intersection Crashes 

The blue Mini enters the intersection on a red light, tailgates the car in front of it and continues to demonstrate high-risk behaviour with its lane change and further tailgating.  It’s quite clear why more than 40% of all police-attended crashes in B.C. occur at intersections.  The behaviours caught on these videos were not at all difficult to capture. They happen every day at intersections throughout the Province. And that’s why police agencies are targeting intersections for the month of November. We need to make drivers understand that if they’re not going to drive smart, we’ll be at intersections with enhanced enforcement to help change their behaviours.

Five most common driver behaviours that caused crashes at intersections in 2007:

  1. *Failing to yield the right of way – e.g. turning left against oncoming traffic.
  2. *Disobeying a traffic control device – e.g. rushing to get through that yellow as opposed to stopping if we’re able to do so safely.
  3. *Tailgating
  4. *Driver error
  5. *And, lastly, speeding – which becomes even more dangerous as we head into the winter months, particularly in the Northern region of the province or in the Southern Interior

For more information on the campaign (and Top 10 Crash Locations in B.C.), visit www.icbc.com/road_safety

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