Tanker Truck accident – Latest Update

The RCMP says there was no danger to the public, when a tanker truck overturned on the Clayhurst Road near the 240 Road this morning. The RCMP puts the time of the roll-over at about 7:45. It adds the truck was transporting a H2S contaminated substance and, its tanks were suspected to be leaking. The trucking company and a clean-up crew were called to scene to assess the risk to the public. But, Corporal Steve Perret has confirmed, though there was a small leak, it was limited to within a few metres of the tanker. Corporal Perret says within an hour or so, the leak was sealed, the remaining contents of the tanker were transferred to a new truck, the original tanker was towed, and the road was re-opened. The driver did sustain some injuries, and he was transferred to Fort St. John hospital.