UBCM considers extending municipal election terms

The Union of BC Municipalities is re-evaluating the length of municipal terms in BC.

Currently, civic elections occur every three years. However, UBCM wants to know if the public would rather see the elections every four years. That would put the province in line with provinces such as Manitoba, Quebec, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, which all run four year terms.


A motion to extend the term was first put forth by Port Moody at UBCM’s 2006 convention. The motion was among those on the Gold Star Resolution Winners List for that convention. In the resolution, Port Moody argued that extending the terms to four years would bring the municipalities in line with provincial and federal terms. The city also suggested the extended terms would save taxpayers’ money and allow councils to be more productive.

UBCM has asked municipalities to include a non-binding survey question on Saturday’s ballot asking the public if they would be in favour of the change; however, at this time, only the cities of Trail, New Westminster and Merritt have confirmed their participation.