Building numbers ahead of last year in FSJ

With one month to go, the value of construction in Fort St. John is now just barely ahead of last year’s pace. Only nine permits were issued last month, worth slightly less than five and half million dollars, as compared to 21 issued in November of last year, worth more than nine million. It leaves this year’s eleven-month total at 85 million 920 thousand dollars, just 9 thousand ahead, of the total for the comparable period in 2007. November was the 6th consecutive month this year, with a total value, that was less than the comparable month last year. However, the key month this year was March, when the value was more than 22 million dollars ahead of last year, thanks to the Enerplex permit, which exceeded 23 million. The nine permits issued last month raised the year-to-date total to 277, as compared to last year’s 311. City revenue from the permits this year, which is less 182 thousand dollars, has also slipped behind last year’s total, of just over 189 thousand.