Fort St. John's new Council is Sworn In – Photos

Below are photos of each member of Fort St. John’s Council that were sworn in Monday December 1st, 2008.


Photo:  Bruce Lantz reads the oath of office as he becomes the new Mayor of Fort St. John

– Adam Reaburn/

Photo:  Lori Ackerman reads the oath of office as she begins her 2nd term on Council – Adam Reaburn/

Photo:  Trevor Bolin reads the oath of office and begins his first term in office – Adam Reaburn/

Photo:  Bruce Christensen signs the oath of office during ceremony Monday December 1st – Adam Reaburn/

Photo:  This will be Dan Davies second term as a City Councilor – Adam Reaburn/

Photo: Don Irwin reads the oath of office – Adam Reaburn/

Photo: Larry Evans starts his second term on Fort St. John City Council – Adam Reaburn/