Gas Prices Drop Again


Local area motorists start another week, as the beneficiaries of another two cent drop in the price of gasoline.

The common posted price fell two cents a liter Friday, to 94.9.

It is now 17 cents a liter lower, than it was on December first of last year and, 19 cents lower than what it was, just four weeks ago.

Even more remarkable is the fact it is 40 cents lower than it was two months ago and, on October first, it dropped 10 cents a liter to a dollar 34 point nine.

It is the same story across the province but, even though they’re all down dramatically, there is still a 35 cent disparity, in BC prices.

The lowest, as of midday yesterday was, 76.9 cents a liter in Kamloops.

The high end price, early this morning, was still in Fort Nelson, at dollar 11 point nine.