Updated: Flights already cancelled out of FSJ to Vancouver


Flights several flights from Vancouver to Fort St. John in both directions have been cancelled.

The first 3 flights of the day operated by Air Canada Jazz from Vancouver to FSj and in the oposite direction have already been cancelled.  So far the flights this evening are still a go.  You can also add Central Mountain Air to the list.  Their flight from Vancouver and Dawson Creek has been cancelled as well as this afternoons flight to Fort Nelson.

For updated info on the Fort St. John Airport visit

To re-book your flight call 1-888-247-2262.  To check on your flight you can call 1-888-422-7533 or Click Here

Current Flight Schedule at the Fort St. John Airport as of 12pm

Current Flight Information

CMA 791 A Edmonton Calgary 09:10 Arrived
AC 8181 A Vancouver 10:23 Cancelled
CMA 743 A Prince George Kamloops Kelowna 11:05 On-Time
AC 8187 A Vancouver 13:39 Cancelled
CMA 748 A Fort Nelson 12:50 On-Time
AC 8183 A Vancouver 16:49 Cancelled
CMA 792 A Fort Nelson Dawson Creek Vancouver 12:35 Cancelled
AC 8185 A Vancouver 20:54 On-Time
CMA 791 D Fort Nelson Dawson Creek Vancouver 09:35 Departed
AC 8184 D Vancouver 10:55 Cancelled
CMA 743 D Fort Nelson 12:50 Cancelled
AC 8182 D Vancouver 14:10 Cancelled
CMA 748 D Prince George Kamloops Kelowna 14:05 Rerouted
AC 8186 D Vancouver 17:20 Cancelled
CMA 792 D Edmonton Calgary 13:10 On-Time
AC 8188 D Vancouver 21:25 On-Time