Year End Gasoline Prices

The year end national average survey price of gasoline is nearly 35 cents a liter less than it was at the end of last year and, more than 20 cents below the year end price in 2006.

The final 2008, 60-city cross-Canada monitor, by Calgary-based MJ Ervin and Associates, shows a drop of 3.2 cents in the past week, putting the national average at 717. This time last year it was a $105.8 and, at the end of 2006 it was 92.3.


A seven cent drop in the high end price in Fort St. John last week, to 87.9 cents, has left this cities average price at 85.2 cents a litre. That’s 26 cents less than at the end of last year but, the common posted price in the city is still 81.9.

That however, remains the highest price among the six survey centres in the province and, according to BC Gas Prices-dot-com is, about five cents above the new provincial average, of 77 cents a liter. The lowest price in the province as of midday yesterday was, 65.4 cents, at a Superstore in Mission. The highest BC price was 99.9, at Petro Canada Station in Fort Nelson.