Bad travel conditions in the Peace

It is not a recommended travel day in the BC Peace.
Windchill warnings are still in place for the Fort St. John region and the same is true for Dawson Creek and Chetwynd.
The local snowfall warning has been discontinued but, as yet there’s no official estimate on the amount of overnight snow.
The good news is, it’s almost like shovelling feathers but, the bad news is that makes it easy to be wind blown reducing visibility.
In addition, the Northwest wind today is expected to continue at about 20 kilometers per hour resulting in wind temperatures of minus 40 to Minus 45.
Further south the problem is melting snow and heavy rain and, the river forecast center says there could be flooding later this week on the South coast.
In addition, rain on top of heavy snow is being blamed for the collapse of the roof, of a storage warehouse in Burnaby.
That followed the collapse of part of a recreation centre roof in Surrey, and the buckling of a condo roof in Port Moody.
There were no injuries reported, in any of the incidents.