Did you know FSJ has a bylaw that requires garbage cans?

Did you know you know there is a bylaw in Fort St. John that requires residents to purchase garbage cans?

Even some city staff and council members didn’t know the bylaw exists, but the topic was raised at Monday’s council meeting. The issue came to councils attention following an anonymous complaint about a proposed change to garbage collection introduced in December. The issue also came up following garbage collection issues over the holiday season that saw many streets covered in garbage after ravens or dogs had ripped a part bags.


City Manager Diane Hunter says the bylaw has been in place since 1983. [asset|aid=791|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=be92c2aef59d0b374b322495d5e44db4-Diane Garbage Cans_1_Pub.mp3]

Council has asked city staff to have another look at the bylaw for a future council meeting. Since the bylaw is over 25 years old, city staff mentioned it would be hard to enforce in its current state. So council will examine the bylaw in the near future and then it could be an enforceable issue.

City Manager and Councilor Larry Evans also mentioned another way to prevent dogs and ravens from getting into garbage bags is to put a heavy blanket over your garbage. Garbage crews would leave the blanket and the ravens and dogs would leave your garbage alone. Both said they have seen it work successfully in other communities and in the case of Larry Evans it’s work just fine for him here in FSJ.