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Changes to B.C. Driver's licenses

Your next driver’s license will soon have more high tech features embedded in it.

The redesigned license will be harder to forge, alter and obtain under different identities.

The new security features, which will also apply to a new B.C. Identification card, have a unique feature called facial recognition technology. This will enable ICBC to compare a cardholder’s image with their existing image on file. The feature will help prevent prohibited drivers from obtaining licenses in false names.

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Other features like holographic overlays, ‘ghosted’ images and elaborate graphic designs are all part of the new licenses.

ICBC will begin issuing the new documents on March 2, 2009 to customers who apply for a new, renewed or replacement B.C. Driver’s License or B.C. Identification card.

Those with valid licenses will continue to use them until they expire.

The fee will remain the same for the new driver’s license.

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