Edgewood Mobile Home Park meeting on Saturday

The Edgewood Mobile Home Park is inviting all residents to a meeting in Taylor.

All residents are invited and the parks current owner, Bruce Hagal, along with any future owners is invited.


Bruce Hagal has a four-year history with the park, after his friend bought the business in 2005, with Mr. Hagal as a silent partner.

Hagal says the park had many problems with the lagoon. He says he was forced to issue a written request to residents for a voluntary rent increase, or face immediate park closure.

He adds since then, residents have been taking steps to conserve water, and have bonded as a community to keep the park open but, he wants them to know they’re all on the same page.

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Jodi Howards owns two homes in the park. She says Hagal is looking at selling the park to help share responsibilities.

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The meeting is open to all residents, and will be held at the Taylor Community Church on Saturday, February 28th at 7pm.