Seniors get crosswalk on 98th Street

A new crosswalk is expected to be installed in the city.

In early February, a group of concerned senior citizens submitted a letter to City Council, asking it to review the safety of 98th Street.


The residents say there is too much traffic on the road and senior citizens have a hard time crossing and unloading their vehicles.

Councillor Evans proposed to have the the crosswalk installed at 98th and 110 Avenue, but Councillor Ackerman thought the interesection of 98th Street and 108th Avenue would be more efficient. [asset|aid=993|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=4c25c96276a74a6c14627325fbafbf4b-crosswalk ackerman 1_1_Pub.mp3]

Staff will purchase two pedestrial activated solar-powered flashing amber lights at the cost of $5,383.50. City Manager Dianne Hunter says construction will begin soon. [asset|aid=994|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=4c25c96276a74a6c14627325fbafbf4b-Hunter 1_1_Pub.mp3]

The speed limit will remain the same on the road, and council will work with the RCMP to identify trends in speed zone violations.