Update: Tumbler Ridge could have power restored by Thursday evening

It could be late Thursday afternoon or early Thursday evening before residents of Tumbler Ridge will have power restored.

The community has been without power since 5:30pm Wednesday when a BC Hydro substation failed.  Were able to access the substation early this morning and discovered that one of the three power poles at the site had been burnt by a fire.



They believe a faulity binding wire caught fire and caused the problems.  A helicopter crew has been working in the area and they are currently awaiting parts to fix the problem.  If everything goes well, power could be restored as early as this afternoon or early this evening.


Residents of the District that need assistance can head to the town hall as that building has a back up generator and heat.


BC Hydro expects to give another update later this afternoon and will pass along that information once we get it.


For more updates you can also visit www.bchydro.com/outages