Bruce Power picks location for Nuclear Facility

Bruce Power is still moving ahead with plans for a Nuclear Power Plant near Peace River.

This morning the company announced it has selected the Whitemud site which is approximately 30 km north of Peace River as the preferred site. A detailed technical review over the last six months proved that the Whitemud site would work better than the Lac Cardinal location.

"When we came to the Peace Country, we told people this was going to be a long decision-making process and we would consider a range of options," said Duncan Hawthorne, Bruce Power Alberta’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

Bruce Power Alberta will gather further baseline data on the technical, environmental and social aspects of the Whitemud site and advance the planning and consultation process while awaiting the report of an expert panel appointed by the provincial government looking at nuclear energy and the role it could play in Alberta.

Following this analysis and pending a favourable panel report, Bruce Power Alberta would be in a position to launch a formal Environmental Assessment in 2010.

If the Environmental Assessment is successful, Bruce Power would then make its decision about the future of nuclear power in Alberta.