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Gasoline Prices


The average price of gasoline in Canada went up slightly again in the past week.

The new survey of Calgary-based MJ Ervin and Associates puts the hike at 1.2 cents a liter, to 87.4
Meantime, BC Gas Prices-dot-com has national average up to 88.1 today, which it says, represents a 2 and half cent weekly increase.

It also has the new provincial average at 96.3 cents a litre, up almost three cents in the past week.

Here in Fort St. John, the common posted price remains at 99.9 cents but, that is still the highest price among the six BC cities on the Ervin survey.

In addition, the cities top end price of a dollar six point nine, at the 100th street Esso, remains the second highest survey price in the province…behind only a Shell station on Salt Spring Island, where the price is a 111.9.