Lekstrom on latest Oil & Gas Land Rights Sale

The BC government has finished the fiscal year with another all-time record high, in oil and gas land rights sales.

About 15 million dollars in bonus bids, from this week’s March sale, pushed the fiscal year total, to about 2.4 billion dollars.

That’s more than double the record setting pace, of the last fiscal year, but it’s also about a quarter of a billion dollars short of the 2008 calendar year record of 2.66 billion dollars….

That’s largely due to a significant drop in the sales totals for the first three months of this calendar year…to about 40 million dollars, from more than 251 million, for the first three months of 2008.

This is Energy Minister Blair Lekstrom…


As the minister suggested using 2008 as a benchmark of sales success is a bit unrealistic, since it was an exceptional year.

Six of the top ten monthly sales on record, and eight of the top 15, were recorded last year.