Li-Car Management steps up to City Council

Photo: Li-Car Property Manager Lita Powell speaks to City Council on Monday night – Christine Rumleskie/


Li-Car Property Manager Lita Powell says she is frustrated with the lack of communication between City Council and Li-Car Management.

Powell attended the council meeting on Monday the 9th. She said her company was misrepresented when Council announced Li-Car Management was in favor of the proposed residential solid waste collection change.

At the last council meeting, Council proposed the city should take on the residential solid waste collection, instead of renewing a tender with the current contractor.

Council said Li-Car Management and Sterling Management were in favor of the switch.

Powell says this is not true, and she has to speak to her clients before making any decisions.

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Powell says this is not the first time Li-Car was misrepresented by the city. She says she wants the city to have more communication with her company.

She says issues like the landfill capacity and garbage truck sizes need to be addressed before any decisions are made.

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Council will extend the tender with the current contractor for one year so more information can be collected.

Councilor Bolin congratulated Powell for stepping up and voicing her concerns. He says he is happy to hear that Powell is willing to help out with the situation.