RCMP Operations has $623,463 surplus

The RCMP Operations has close to a 624 thousand dollar surplus from last year.

The information was delivered to City Council in the 2009 first review on Monday night.

City Manager Dianne Hunter says close to half of that number is from the lack of RCMP recruits from last year.

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She says two recruits were budgeted for last year, but have yet to arrive at the Fort St. John detachment.

The city’s RCMP has 34 officers in its staff. Council wishes to up that number to 40.

Councilor Lori Ackerman says despite a lack of recruits, she thinks the city’s two million dollar surplus should keep replenishing the RCMP’s budget just in case.

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Council says the RCMP’s new recruits need to be accounted for in the budget, because a new officer could be found at anytime during the year.

Earlier in February, the RCMP announced it had found a new Head of Department. Pat Egan is scheduled to arrive sometime this month.