Statement of Facts made public in FSJ teen murder

A joint statement of fact released today, gives more information on just what happened in May of last year, when a 17 year-old Edmonton girl was killed in a Fort St. John apartment complex.

CBC says the young man charged in the killing was a member of the ‘Crazy Dragons’, an Edmonton gang involved in the sale and distribution of drugs.


While the 17 year-old man and his girlfriend were relaxing with at least three other people at a local apartment, the young man reportedly went into the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and twice plunged it into the victim’s neck. Nothing was apparently said between the two in the moments leading up to the stabbing, though the accused did admit – quote – "We got in a fight. I picked up a knife and stabbed her". It was the second slice that severed her jugular vein, and she died of blood loss after arriving at the Fort St. John hospital.

The young man has already pled guilty to second degree murder, and he will be sentenced next month.

The Edmonton Journal says the girl’s parents have asked that her name not be made public, while the 17-year-old cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.