Update: Drumming for International Women's Day

International Women’s Day will be celebrated this weekend with two events planned in the city.

Men and women are invited to take part in the Saturday event at the Whole Wheat and Honey Cafe. There will be an East Indian meal, several local entertainers, and a performance by Calgary drummer Kathryn Doherty. All proceeds will go towards the new building at the Women’s Resource Centre.


Event organizer Danielle Yeoman says on Sunday, there will be a three hour drumming workshop hosted by Doherty.

**She says tickets were originally 75 dollars each but she decided to lower the price to 50 dollars so more participants could attend.

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There are 70 openings for the drumming workshop, and everyone is encouraged to attend. The 75 dollar fee covers Doherty’s expenses.

Yeoman says International Women’s Day has a long history.

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For tickets to either event, call Danielle at 250-263-6600.