City takes control of Fort Hotel problem

The city is taking action towards the demolition of the Fort Hotel.

Councilors unanimously voted on Tuesday night to get the building on 100th Avenue finally torn down.


The city will issue a 15 day’s notice to the owner. If the owner fails to demolish the building, the city will demolish it, with all costs and fees forwarded to the owner. The city is shortening the notice from a 30 day period due to a significant health and safety risk to the public.

If the city takes over, Director of Protective Services Jim Rogers says it should take one month to finalize the demolition.

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Rogers says the city is awaiting a finalized asbestos report. He also says a structural engineer will have to assess the rest of the building.

In the meantime, Mayor Bruce Lantz says he would like to see the fencing around the building replaced as soon as possible.

Rogers says the city must go through certain procedures before working on the building.

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Rogers says the owner will have seven days to appeal upon receiving notice of the remedial action.