Local candidates discuss BC-STV

On the May 12th election, British Columbians get the chance to change the way they vote.

The Single Transferable Vote system received 58 percent support, only two percent short of passing, in a 2005 referendum.


Currently, BC uses the First Past the Post system where the candidate winning the most votes in a constituency is the winner, even if the candidate received less than 50 percent of the total number of votes.

Now, BC-STV supporters claim, in the last provincial election, 13 percent of voters cast their ballots for smaller parties, and received no legislative representation.

However, those against the proposed system, say with STV’s electoral areas, it is possible to elect all the candidates for an area, from one community, leaving others with no effective representation.

Politicians are keeping their eye on the hot-topic. Here’s Liberal candidate Pat Pimm, followed by NDP candidate Jackie Allen, Green Party’s Liz Logan and Independent Arthur Hadland, on their position on the BC-STV.

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Sue Arnston from the Refederation Party did not return Moose FM’s phone calls on the topic.

The Fort St. John public library is hosting a BC-STV presentation on Thursday, April 23rd. It starts at 7PM at the North Peace Cultural Centre. The meeting is to inform voters on the process. Everyone who is curious or has questions on the system is invited to attend.

You can also visit these two sites to get more background on the BC-STV:

www.stv.ca     – Supports the BC-STV system

www.nostv.ca  – Wants to keep BC’s current system